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Monday, June 30, 2014

Auction Catalog Beats All Records for Catalog Sales

I just heard from the Auctioneer that my upcoming miniature auction has brought more inquiries for catalogs than ever before!  I am totally amazed and gratified, so thank you if you are one of the interested parties.  I don't make any money on them, just happy to know there is such interest.

One of the benefits of getting a catalog is that it is a reference for miniaturists in the future and of course, a price guide so therefore a collectible in itself.

I am even getting requests to sign it!  I feel like a movie star! Lots of exciting things happening.


Giac said...

Hello cookie,
I am very happy so happy there is such a large interest in your collection, but I must say I am not surprised at all. Your collection is one of the best I have seen and when I look at my miniatures I think to myself "Boy I would love to have a collection like Cookie's one day". I hope the auction will be a huge success and those estimates beat!
Big hug,

Cookie Ziemba said...

Hi Giac,
Thank you so much for your warm comments, I am very flattered. I think, from what I've seen of your collection, you are doing beautifully. You have great taste in furnishings.

I appreciate your good wishes and hope you watch and bid yourself, then you could actually have some of my collection!

Arnaud said...

Hello Cookie,

I have a small comment on your blogpost text, but your email address bounces the mail.

The error that the other server returned was:
550 5.1.1 : Recipient address rejected:

Could you let me know how to contact you?