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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Post Cards announcing auction!

I received a stack of large, double-sided post cards from the auction house announcing my upcoming auction with particulars about location, date, etc. There are 8 photos showing dolls house exterior features and several rooms from a few of the houses with the text on the opposite side.

If you would like one as a reminder, please send your name and snail mail address to me at  This will keep it private.  Please put "Post Card" on the subject line so I will know it is not spam.

The full color catalog will be available by mid-June so I am told, and will post the information here when it becomes available.  I know the price, including mailing costs in the U.S. will be $15.00.  It will cost $25.00 to mail to the ROW (Rest of the the post office calls it).

The auctioneers link is and you could check every so often after June 10th.  They send them out directly, it doesn't go through me.

Thank you so much for your interest.

Cookie Ziemba