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Saturday, March 12, 2011

18th century American Bedspread Crewel Kit added to line!

Just finished work on my latest crewel kit last night and sold successfully at the Boca Raton miniature show earlier today. It is an 18th century design, typically American because it is not heavily worked. At this time in history, the needlewoman might have had to shear, card and spin her own wool and possibly weave the fabric for the bedspread, therefore used wool sparingly. During the same period in England, it was possible to purchase supplies so they were likely to stitch more elaborately.

This is the first crewel bedspread kit I am offering and hope to add a few more in the future. It is designed to fit any 1" scale miniature double (full) bed and the motifs are hand drawn on a fine fabric. This photo shows the pillow top and center motifs only, and the kit has motifs on all sides that hang down. Included in the kit are DMC cotton floss, needles, complete instructions, stitch diagram and color picture. It sells for $32.00 plus $4.75 shipping (worldwide) and can be ordered through Paypal or by contacting me at, then sending a check for $36.75 in US Dollars.

Hope you enjoy this design and I look forward to hearing from you!