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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nuremburg-style Kitchen

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Ooops, sorry, I see this was somehow also listed in a posting from 2010, so forgive me if you see this twice with similar verbiage...
Wanted to share some pictures of my Nuremburg-style kitchen.  I found this display box sitting out in the rain in front of an antique shop in New Jersey years ago.  I thought it would be great for a miniature club member as half of them were antique-ers, and already had it in the trunk of my car, when the dealer said, "Wait a minute, I have a stove that just might work."  When I placed the stove in it, I decided it was mine!  The day after I returned home, wondering how I was going to decorate it, the plumber came for repairs and was taken with the piece.  He found the copper "stove pipe" in his truck along with 4 copper caps that fit the top of the stove perfectly.  From there on, it went very easily because I started shopping at full size antique shows and found most of the items you see at reasonable prices.  I had so much fun doing this room up, not caring about matching scales as that is only a contemporary idea.
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