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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two new articles on my collection in "Miniaturas"

I was thrilled to find two issues of the Spanish miniature magazine "Miniaturas, Construccion & Coleccionismo" on my doorstep when I returned home from my trip to Castine, Maine. Issue No. 149 features my Dickens Street on the cover and the article starting on page 38. Also issue No. 150 features my House of the Three Widows in the centerfold-out. The photos came out beautifully once again. Thanks so much to Madelva Fernandez de Rojas, editor and owner. Lovely work, Madelva!


Debbie said...

"Congratulations Cookie"

Eva said...


Patty said...

Cookie, I was thrilled too when I received my latest issue and had another glimpse at your wonderful house! I have always loved House of the Three Widows ever since I saw it in Miniature Collector! It is a stunner!! Is most of it made from paper clay? Are you planning on showing it on your blog anytime soon?

Meli said...


Cookie Ziemba said...

Thanks, ladies. Patty, sorry this answer is so late, but never caught your comment. No, the house is not made of Paperclay at all but various other methods.

Please look for it on my blog, it is definitely here. Scroll down each page, click on "Older Posts" until you find pictures of The House of the Three Widows.